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January 9, 2012

Want me to review your romance?

Update: I’m currently accepting very small number of books to review, but please send your request and I’ll take a look whenever I’m available.

Cover Reveals – I don’t do cover reveals at all!

Spotlights/Excerpts/Blitzes- I don’t host this type of post.

Interviews – Available.

Guest Posts – Available. The guest post needs to be exclusive to Reading Romances.

Exclusive Features–Available (you participate on one of the following features for the day). Please only request if you’re able to visit and reply to comments as well as share on your social media the day of posting.

To request a guest post or other features, scroll down my about page.

Thanks for choosing Reading Romances to possibly review your book! I love reading about people falling in love! If you are an author, publicist, or publisher who would like to submit your book(s) for review, please note the following:

*Reading Romances is currently interested in reviewing books (including self-published titles, short stories, novellas and anthologies), hosting blog tours, giveaways, guest posts or interviews.

*If for some reason I can’t or don’t want to review the book please consider the option to be featured on my blog in some way (giveaways I host, promo posts, book tours and other events).

* I love to read, and I want to see quality authors succeeding! Please read some of my reviews before sending your request, the type of review I write might not be what you’re looking for. If you’d like your book reviewed, please read all the information ahead:

What I read: I love to read books in the following romance categories (my favorite stories have a strong romantic theme and a “Happy Ever After” or at least a “Hopefully Ever After”): Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance*, Paranormal Romance.

Genres I occasionally read and exceptions can be made (it must focus on romance): YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Time Travel, Futuristic, Steampunk.

I do not read: Historical Fiction, Memoirs, Christian Fiction, Non Fiction, Inspirational, Chick Lit, Suspense.

*All genres as long as there is romance. If you are an erotic author sending a request for a book with ménage partners, please tell me the genre of the sex partners, such as m/f/m, m/m/m/f, and so on. I don’t read books focused on m/m, nor hardcore BDSM and S/D. Please make this clear during your request.

Formats I accept: ARCs, finished hardcopies or paperbacks (you’ll need pay for international shipping), e-books, galleys. The best format I can work with is EPUB.


About my reviews:

I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for my reviews. Integrity is very important to me. I’m NOT a professional reviewer, and I do this because I love books. Understand that the reviews I write are my opinion and not statements of fact about the books.

When reviewing a book, I’ll express my honest opinions (good or bad) in a professional manner and do my best to present both pros and cons, but not in a way that would ever be hateful or insulting to the author. I value the hard work of authors and all the professionals involved in it. My reviews are based on my personal opinions on the book. They are completely original and honest. They mostly consist of my thoughts and feelings, and other characteristics that caught my attention. I’ll write about what I loved, liked, didn’t like and anything that might have irritated me about the story/characters. I’m very honest, and I will give both praise and constructive criticism. Then I’ll rate it according to my rating method (read the ABOUT page).

* If I managed to read at least 2/3rds of the book, I will definitely rate it. For titles that are very different from the books I usually read, I’ll write a review but won’t use the rating system.

* Excessive grammar or spelling mistakes will be a negative factor (unless it’s an ARC). Books rated at 3 hearts or above will be recommended by me.

* I don’t like to read a series out of sequence most of the times. If you want me to review it and I haven’t read the previous titles, please send me the first book and the rest following suite. Each book will get a review. This will allow for a more effective review.

* I point out potentially sensitive or offensive elements to my readers during the review.

* Reviewing and blogging is something that I enjoy and that take seriously. I devote a lot of time (pretty much daily) to both, but I have other priorities, as I am sure you’ll understand.

* The review will include a brief synopsis of who the characters are and what makes their love story special.

*I try very hard not to include spoilers or too much detail about the plot in my review. I do my best to not spoil a book, and if there are some spoilers, I’ll warn first.

My review post will include:

+ Book Cover, blurb, publishing date, publisher (taken from amazon unless you sent the info).

+ Links you send for your author web presence (Facebook, Twitter, Website, and any other).

+ Links to purchase on and any other links you send.

+ The Review

+ My Ratings


The review will be posted on:

+ The Blog

+ Goodreads (portion)

+ Twitter (link)

+ Facebook (link)

+ *Amazon (portion)

 * You can ask me to only add your review on Amazon for books I rated 4 and 5 [that’s what amazon considers a recommended book]

+ Please contact me if you want me to post it somewhere else (publisher website or other places you can buy books online) or if you’d like to use a portion of one of my reviews.


To Authors:

I notice bad grammar and misplaced commas when it detracts from the book, and when there’s more than a handful of typos in the whole book (especially when they confuse the reader and alter the intended meaning). I do pay a lot of attention when homophones (e.g., you’re for your, their for they’re) are used incorrectly.

Your book needs to be the best it can be. I know it’s hard for Indie authors to afford editing, but it is still up to you to proofread it several times. Ask other writers, beta readers, friends, to proofread. There are softwares that reads the story back to you, and they can be very useful in catching errors. The Kindle itself has a text-to-speech feature that is handy. You can also reduce a lot of formatting problems when previewing the versions of your book. Good writing is the basic tool that allows the storyline to shine. “Even the very best storyline can’t break past writing that leaves the reader confused as to the actual content of the story.”

*I don’t mind reminder emails if they are done in a friendly manner but if they are rude, I will stop reading the book.

*I also will consider doing a Promotional Post featuring just the book, summary and info on the author if I have the time. Authors can contact me to ask for this to be hosted.


Requesting Reviews:

I will consider all requests for review and I’ll reply to the ones I’m intereted in reviewing. Please don’t be offended if I don’t accept your book or if you don’t get a reply. It might not be something I would enjoy. I try to only accept books for review that capture my interest and I think I will enjoy reading. Please continue sending me requests because your next book may be perfect for me.

I review every book I accept. While I am committed to reviewing all of the books I accept for review, I can’t necessarily guarantee that it will be reviewed by a certain date unless specifically scheduled ahead of time.

Please let me know what time frame you wish your book be reviewed. Check my NEXT REVIEWS page to see my current schedule. If you want it close to a release date, please send it at least 2 weeks in advance. I try to read and review in the order that I receive books (except for scheduled reviews).

If I accept to review your book, you might get an approximate date to when it will be posted and another email when it’s available (with the link).

When sending your book, please write the following information:

* Whether you are an author/ publicist

* Title, author and publisher

* Publication Date (month and year)

* Romance sub genre

* Sexual Content Level (check it at ABOUT)

* Please include the length (short/novella/full)

* Aprox. Number of pages

* Blurb

* Review copy format

* What time frame you wish the book to be reviewed

* What other promotions you are interested in (if any aside from a review)

* Any additional information (Ex: A website URL for the book or excerpts)

Book Cover is optional but very welcomed!


What you can do to promote your book after I’ve posted the review: We want to let people know and read about your book ! To help with that, you can recommend Reading Romances by tweeting about it (with the link to your reviewed book), adding a link to this blog to your blog, and you can grab my “reviewed by” icon too (avaliable at ABOUT)

If I’ve reviewed your book, I’m happy for you to quote sections of the review to use on your own site and social media. However, please don’t reproduce the review in its entirety (Google will penalize us both for duplicate content) and please link directly back to the review on my site whenever possible. Thanks!

*I am the typo queen, if you see a typo in my review drop me a line so I can fix it.*



or email me at

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Book Title

Author, publisher and release date

Romance sub genre and heat level

Length and aprox. number of pages


Copy Format and Time frame you wish for it to be reviewed

Other promotions/ information/ links

Please attach your book cover


If I’ve reviewed your book, I’m happy for you to quote sections of the review to use on your own site and social media. However, please don’t reproduce the review in its entirety (Google will penalize us both for duplicate content) and please link directly back to the review on my site whenever possible. If you choose to add a quote to your blog I’ll be honored, so please send me an email with a link so I can promote it =)

If you have been reviewed by me you can use this button:

For 5/5 ratings you can use this badge:

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  • Minne Apple Girl February 5, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    * Whether you are an author/ publicist
    * Title, author and publisher
    Minne Apple Girl
    * Publication Date (month and year)
    * Romance sub genre
    * Sexual Content Level (check it at ABOUT)
    * Please include the length (short/novella/full)
    Blog, updated 3x per week
    * Aprox. Number of pages
    2000 words per post
    * Blurb
    I stared at my phone, unsure of what to do. Did I call Kyle back? Text him back? Make him wait like he made me wait for weeks? It was all a jumble in my head, mixed with thoughts of Eric kissing me and how he mentioned he was looking forward to seeing me again.

    * What time frame you wish the book to be reviewed
    Currently in blog format.
    * What other promotions you are interested in (if any aside from a review)
    * Any additional information (Ex: A website URL for the book or excerpts)
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