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November 14, 2012

Reading Romances’ Readers Recommend!

The gift guide made by readers to readers!

First, I have to thank my incredible readers for sending recommendations! I love your feedback and participation!

Are you clueless about what to get to your book lover friend? Or  are you just looking for something different for yourself? Bellow you’ll find recommendations by our readers of “must buys” this holiday season!


“Because I really want one…lol…seriously though I think it would be great for someone who loves to read and is serious about ebooks – a veteran reader more than a novice reader – though it could probably work for a novice reader too”

 – Maria D


“This series puts the reader on full-alert; it is a high-voltage, fraught-with-danger, vicarious experience that is sprinkled with humor and super-charged with breathtaking love… Ms. Grace creates riveting stories that assails the senses and churns your emotions. Even if you have read ridiculous amounts of suspense books lately and think you have seen all the twists and turns before – give this entire series a read; you are in for a sweet treat!

                                                    – Heather

“At $4.99, the set is priced right to make it a perfect gift for adult readers on your Christmas list. Ms. Grace takes these characters and writes them into an easy to read style that allows the story to flow with non-stop suspense and action and she accents it with touches of humor that should be appealing to both the men and women. Does Dad really need another tie or Mom another set of potholders this year? Instead, give them the gift of reading.”

                                                                                        – Sharon

“In every single one of the books I was hooked from page one! Each book focused on a couple with Deadly Holiday focusing on all of the couples! The suspense in all 4 books was the type of suspense that kept you on the edge of your seat! There was murder, kidnapping, mending broken hearts, and trying besides everything to be happy and of course romance! “

                                                                                      – Alysson

“Wanted to read this particular book because it has a lot of authors I’m not familiar with, except one.

Always find I have time for new authors and their works of words. The kindle version just started right up but I pulled up the contents and ran into Monkey Bread recipe so with Thanksgiving coming up and I’m hostessing it this year I was looking for something quick and easy to make and this is it! Love how there is magic with each sleigh story.

Love the idea of all the recipes from the authors included. Now to the other parts of the book, the stories. Just even the names of the stories a calm has come over my mind and body as I sit back and relax to start reading them all. I hate to read books like this also because I never want them to end…”

– Julie Barret

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“Not only does this get you in the mood for all the decorating and sitting back to enjoy the holidays. Lots of tips and it givesyou a chance to find new authors by sampling a bit of their writing without really committing yourself if you don’t like their style of writing.”Four stories about Christmas holiday season and from such well -known authors. What a treat!

– Julie Barrett

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“Excellent, hilarious at times, picture postcard Kincaid setting, breathtaking scenery and atmosphere.
Others having problems but it helps to talk with female friends and spend some time together, watching movies, drinking chocolate liquor beverages, discussing things. Men meet at the man’s cave place.
Not much goes according to plan, tears when things go bad and laugh out loud when some things happen, along with recipes at the end, make this another worthwhile book from Sheila to read. Part of a series but can be read as a stand alone.

And another book due out April 2013!!!”

– Julie Barrett

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Although most of these are series books, they can be read as a stand alone and you won’t be left in the dark.
3 books from 3 different authors and you can buy their books individually. I just like the idea that I might find yet another new author to read when they are clumped together.
All Christmas related books, they put you in the mood to just sit back and relax…

– Julie Barrett

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“It’s an excellent book – book 1 Royal street is good too but with  less humour since it take place during Hurricane Katrina. River Road is a mix of action, historical elements with a romance slowly constructed  and humour. It’s a perfect example of an urban fantasy book with an original world building.”

– Miki

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