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January 10, 2013

A former technology specialist, KH LeMoyne now writes romance fulltime with series in urban fantasy, high fantasy, and scifi/futuristic. She lives in Maryland with her wonderful husband and corgi. Much to her dismay, she rarely encounters supernatural beings other than on paper.

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Best New Year wishes to you and all of your readers and thank you for hosting me today on your blog.

I’m interviewing two of the major secondary characters in DESTINY’S MARK, Guardians Sagari and Saladin. Their past with Tsu Halan, Guardian Defense Master, and their newfound friendships with Jai Dashkov, allow them to offer their own impressions of the two main characters of the story.

To spare too much back-story, I’ll provide a brief new reader intro:

The Guardians are a race of beings created at the far edge of Eden. Co-existing with mankind, they safeguarded human souls until a virus killed all the Guardians over the age of eighteen. The surviving children fled to the Sanctum in Eden for protection, children raising children without the full legacy of their history and knowledge. Two hundred years of solitude have produced a race of semi-immortals fortified with powers and intellect but lacking the mates who will make them whole and allow them to fulfill their covenant with mankind.

– KH LeMoyne

I’ve chosen to meet Sagari and Saladin at the small park outside of a shopping mall near Washington, D.C. The holiday shopping is over, but returns and sale items are still generating a brisk business. I wait on the bench in the brisk sunlight and catch a flicker from the corner of my eye as two tall figures stride around a topiary at the patio’s edge.

Dressed for the cold weather in leather coats and hats, neither Guardian’s attire will garner much attention. But Sagari’s devilish smile and the wicked twinkle in her eye catches the attention of most of the young children around me. Like always seeks like and children innately recognize a kindred spirit in joy and mischief. Saladin’s more conservative poise and bearing at her side is enough to give them pause and sends them back to the attentions of their doting parents.

I wait for both to take the seats nearby.

“I hope you don’t plan to interrogate us out here in the cold for long?” Sagari laughs and sits beside me.

“Interrogation wasn’t my intent,” I say, knowing that she’ll last longer than I will in the cold. Those good Guardian genes.

“No. You want to pick our brains for what we think of Tsu’s mate.” She raises a brow. “Not that we’ll share any secrets about Tsu.”

“I don’t think you’d share secrets about Jai, either.” I nudge her with my elbow and glance at Saladin. “I gathered you two get along rather well with her. Both of you?”

“She’s one of us—”

“She suits him well—” 

Sagari and Saladin chime in at the same time. The edge of his mouth starts up in the show of a smile. His brown eyes warm as he tilts his head toward Sagari in deference. “You’d be better suited to explain.”

“I’m not sure that’s true. You two worked together to rescue that poor woman,” Sagari responds, but Saladin’s expression sobers as his gaze drifts to the children playing. She leans toward me. “Jai’s a great combination of guts and nerve. If I could claim a blood sister, she would be mine.”

Since the Guardian race only bear one child of each sex per couple, I understand her meaning, but after two hundred years in the Sanctum I’d assumed all the boys and girls consider each other siblings. At least to a degree.

Almost seeming to read my thoughts, she nudges me back. “I do hold my Guardian sisters close, but because we’ve each had same harsh losses, the same struggles to master our unique powers. With Jai, I see a human who struggles outside the normal life of her own race. I feel that way myself sometimes. We share the need to reclaim those we love who are lost.”

So Jai’s search for her daughter has tugged at Sagari’s sympathetic heartstrings. No wonder after all the years Sagari has yearned for the return of her own brother to the Guardian fold. I avoid that subject. “But she brings unexpected baggage to your people? Outsiders have only recently been accepted into your inner circle.”

Sagari’s golden eyes darken. “Deep seclusion was a mistake we have recently rectified. And it’s not as if we don’t have our own baggage as well.”

“More importantly, no one can dispute the balance she brings to Tsu,” Saladin adds softly as he turns to me. “He has long deserved a generous soul at his side.”

Wow. I don’t think he says that much in the whole book. Major points for Jai. “Which is why you both were so willing to use your own powers to help her.” 

“She would have done the same for us,” Sagari says. 

Saladin frowns. “Yes, and she is but a neophyte. She will require more instruction so she doesn’t bring herself to harm doing just that.”

Interesting. “Care to expand on that?” 

“No,” they both respond. 

Then Sagari shoves into me as a tiny projectile flies over her shoulder. The scrape of frail metal on concrete coincides with a small boy’s cry of dismay. Sagari reaches behind us and lifts a toy plane. Its left wing is snapped in half and dangling in mortal disarray.

“Steven. Now see what happens when you’re not paying attention?” Mother and son stand several feet in front of us. The perhaps six-year-old shuffles his feet, casting woeful glances at the wreckage in Sagari’s hand. “What do you say?”

“I’m sorry.” His apology is obviously meant for the throw, but seems more directed at the destruction of his toy. His lower lip quivers as he blinks rapidly.

“It’s not that bad. I think your plane can be fixed. Perhaps it’s supposed to hinge that way?” Sagari asks as she removes her glove and shields the child from full view of the damage.

Steven, not fooled, shakes his head and wipes the nose with the back of his hand.

 I only catch a fast glimpse of the wing bent beyond repair. But a quick sleight of hand with the deft turn of Sagari’s fingers creates a new feature in the toy. Before the child can approach, she’s manipulated the second wing as well, holding it before her. “Yes. I definitely believe that they can hinge and snap back just so they don’t break.”

Wide-eyed the child accepts the toy and after a glance at his mother, races back to play with the other children.

“That was quite the quick thinking with your gift,” I say as the mother waves thankfully and follows her son.

Sagari shrugs. “I could have turned it into a diamond, but what self-respecting child wants a diamond when they can have a plane that rebounds better than new?”

I was still laughing as they both stand and walk out of sight around the edge of the atrium. Of course. Who would want diamonds?


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Destiny’s Mark

(The Guardians of Eden, #3) 
by K.H. LeMoyne

October 13th 2012 by Digital Crystal Press




The only difference between fate and destiny is choice.

Tsu Halan, Guardian defense master, has honed his skills and waited patiently over the centuries for the covenant’s promise of a mate to share his soul and a family to cherish. Close enough to taste fulfillment, the dark echoes of the past threaten with danger and death.

Jai Dashkov harbors her own painful secrets of harsh betrayal and tender loss. Her desperate search to reclaim her life doesn’t allow room in her heart to deviate for love.

Together they are stronger than apart, but the promise of the covenant is a perpetual test. One that Tsu and Jai must conquer in time or suffer an eternity for their failure.

Book 1: Betrayal’s Shadow
Book 2: Warrior Reborn
Book 3: Destiny’s Mark




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