Giveaway Hop: Just Couldn’t Put It Down (July)
Giveaway , Uncategorized / July 4, 2015

The theme of this hop is the page turner type of books  Stuck in Books is hosting this hop and I’m participating by gifting one of my readers with an amazon gift card. You can use it to buy any  book by n autor that’s part of your auto-buy list -I’ll sponsor it 😉 Can’t Put It Down Powered by Linky Tools Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list…

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Uncategorized / October 11, 2014

  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, otherwise known as Pink October, is the perfect opportunity to inform and get us talking about cancer, without fear or prejudice. Breast cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States. Widespread use of screening, along with treatment advances in recent years, have been credited with significant reductions in breast cancer mortality. I’d like to present some myths around breast cancer first: THE BREAST CANCER MYTHS – Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer. THE TRUTH: Only a small percentage of breast lumps turn out to be cancer.  But if you discover a persistent lump in your breast or notice any changes in breast tissue, it should never be ignored. It is very important that you see a physician for a clinical breast exam. He or she may possibly order breast imaging studies to determine if this lump is of concern or not. Take charge of your health by performing routine breast self-exams, establishing ongoing communication with your doctor, getting an annual clinical breast exam, and scheduling your routine screening  mammograms.   – Men do not get breast cancer; it affects women only. THE TRUTH: Quite the…

Review: Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid by Maureen Driscoll
5 stars , Rating , Reviews , Uncategorized / October 8, 2014

Different, passionate and sweet! This book was a surprise. One of my friends recommended it and I wasn’t disappointed. This book has a fresh beginning, a bit like “Outlander”, and it kept me interested to read more about the characters. At times I really liked how we got to see different POVs, but by the end I just wanted to know the closure, without interruptions. The kidnapping attempts were repetitive, I believe they weren’t necessary, the less the merrier in this case. I enjoyed the little mystery, and I’m glad it wasn’t flat obvious, we had a few suspects to watch out for. Maureen presents us with a family worth of a Julia Quinn novel, intriguing and warm. Edward’s sister is one funny human being, just as their brother Kellington, I’m anxious to read their books as we have clues to whom they will fall in love with. I’m excited about this author and interested in finding other books written by her. For a debut title, this is a win!

“So, where have you been?”
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What have you guys been up to? I just realized how long it’s been since I last blogged..oh god. So sorry guys! I’ve been totally oblivious to the blogging world, but on the other hand…I’ve missed writing. Read some really nice books lately, but I’m not sure if this is the place to write about them. Maybe you guys prefer reading reviews on Goodreads? Or some other platform that’s better (that I have no clue about)? Twitter isn’t my thing and Facebook is seriously a MESS nowadays. I don’t know how I can keep up with all the information, I get SO lost…lol. BTW, any scandal on the reading community I should be aware of? Just to keep you in the loop, I’ve been: – studying – watching OUTLANDER (so sad it’s on a break!!!! DESPERATELY need to share this experience with you! And discuss the books??) – reading new authors – taking care of my new home – reading some more – studying some more – missing OUTLANDER (you can tell I’m obsessed, right??)   So please, If there’s anyone out there that is still subscribed to this yourself and make your interests and thoughts known!  

Kingsborough Ball Winners!
Uncategorized / January 7, 2014

Sophie Barnes’ New Years Eve giveaway winners are..   1 e-book copy of The Scandal In Kissing An Heir Babel 1 signed copy of The Trouble With Being A Duke (can be substituted with e-book for anyone living outside US) Beckey   Congrats to all winners! You’ll receive an email from me soon =)