Review: Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades #1-3)
2 stars , Reviews , RR Award / January 25, 2015

  E. L. James created a predictable storyline but took all the advantage she could get to make it a bestselling series. The manuscript started as a Twilight erotic fan fiction and no doubt great part of it’s success comes from grown up Twilight fans looking for a sexy read. On the other hand, this fact  doesn’t justify or glorifies it’s mistakes, but confirms its success and helps throw out of the window some prejudice towards erotic fiction. The protagonists are one-dimensional and the dialogue is infuriatingly repetitive. Sometimes Ana sounds very out of character and I know it means to represent who her growth, however, it feels forced. The story is fragile as many of as the couple end up having always the same problems, and sex is often gratuitous.  What I like about The Fifty Shades trilogy is how it has the capacity to wrap you and make you part of the story – I can honesty say that’s what got me through reading all the books. Therefore, I believe her writing skills are good but the issue with these books is lack of basic plotting and weak dialogue.  FIFTY SHADES is made from the core to excite curiosity, and excels at that, only to…

Review: Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole (The Arcana Chronicles #3)
3 stars , Rating , Reviews / January 6, 2015

  Dead of Winter doesn’t do justice to this author’s talent, delivering a somewhat predictable plot, not enough development but packed with action and moments of shock!   I have to begin this review by saying I’m a huge fan of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, and I’ve read them with great excitement. Poison Princess was a win, and Endless night even more (and I read it twice)! I love the sexual tension she’s able to deliver and how unpredictable her books can be, but Dead of Winter was exception. I believe she’ll do much better with her erotica series, The Game Maker, and even though it’s not my taste, the first book is very solid. Since Endless Knight I became a huge #TeamAric , not that I don’t like or cheers for Jack to have a happy ending, but honestly, Death finally deservers his turn at happiness after desiring, hoping and waiting for our dear Evie to love him back, and now that they do, how can they wait it after thinking it might never happen again?  #TeamDeath But what troubled me was having to choose between two guys…I mean, really? Haven’t we seen that enough by now? It’s…

Review: Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren
5 stars , Rating , Reviews , Top Rated / November 16, 2014

  Real, intense, fulfilling. My first impressions were that this would be an unrealistic story with characters falling in love at first sight, blindly. I could’t be more wrong. It’s been a long time since I’ve read such fluid writing . The story moved forward at a good pace without slow points, and I was immersed, laughing, feeling anxious and emotionally connected. The intensity and sexual tension made the sex scenes realistic between Ansel and Mia, instead of gratuitus or uncalled for. Be ready for some naughty talking and sex all over the place – literally. And oh, french…so romantic! I believe the authors delivered what the Synopsis has proposed. Plus, the humor was amazing, and including their friendships was a great way to put their actions into context. I’ll absolutely read the Wild Seasons next books,and I was relieved to find a great ending without cliffhangers but curious enough to want to know more about the second characters.        

Review: Never a Mistress, No Longer a Maid by Maureen Driscoll
5 stars , Rating , Reviews , Uncategorized / October 8, 2014

Different, passionate and sweet! This book was a surprise. One of my friends recommended it and I wasn’t disappointed. This book has a fresh beginning, a bit like “Outlander”, and it kept me interested to read more about the characters. At times I really liked how we got to see different POVs, but by the end I just wanted to know the closure, without interruptions. The kidnapping attempts were repetitive, I believe they weren’t necessary, the less the merrier in this case. I enjoyed the little mystery, and I’m glad it wasn’t flat obvious, we had a few suspects to watch out for. Maureen presents us with a family worth of a Julia Quinn novel, intriguing and warm. Edward’s sister is one funny human being, just as their brother Kellington, I’m anxious to read their books as we have clues to whom they will fall in love with. I’m excited about this author and interested in finding other books written by her. For a debut title, this is a win!

Outlander – the tv series
Reviews / October 2, 2014

  What can I say to make you love this series as much as I do right now? Maybe a pic will do.. Well, there’s no enough words, you have to see it. It’s amazing how feminine this series can be, there’s attention to detail, an interesting love story, incredible visual and amazing actors. I only read the first book, OUTLANDER, after the fist episode. I’m suspicious to talk about the book because of that, so I’m not making a comparison, each sustain on it own. The show is narrated by a woman, Claire, and basically everything is seen through her point of view. It’s captivating how sensitive the writers are about that, since they choose not to follow the other characters steps, and focus only on her feelings and thoughts. The actress convinces she’s Claire, portraying a tough but kind heroine. This post explains how groundbreaking this approach is. Outlander is a romance novel in it’s heart, and the director is clever not to forget that. Some say it’s historical fiction with sex, but I believe there’s plenty of romance that sustain the journey Claire, Jamie and Frank go through. Without the romance factor, much of the story would make…