Reading Romances JANUARY Challenge
readingchallenge2013 , Uncategorized / January 17, 2013

What is this post about?! How can I sign up? Thanks for participating! This is my second year hosting this challenge and I hope you have fun being part of it! I know I’m late and that I was supposed to post this on the first week of January but please forgive me, I’ve been super busy lately! January is the Marry me? month, which means the challenge for january is to read a marriage of convenience book. An arranged or forced marriage that leads to love. Thank you for leaving recommendations for this theme on my goodreads group! It helps participants pick their books ; ) * To participate this month and add your reviews: Before doing adding your reviews, you NEED to sign up first! If you don’t have a blog or a site to post reviews, leave a comment with your review then add the comment link to the blue frog widget bellow! or if you’ve posted it to any book site (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Goodreads, Librarything, Shelfari etc), add the link to the blue forg widget bellow! If you have a blog just put them in a wrap-up post and link each month.Please identify the books you’ve reviewed in your…

Sign Up: Reading Romances Challenge 2013
readingchallenge2013 / December 29, 2012

This Reading Challenge is not about the amount of books you read, but the variety of titles you’ll have read when the challenge is over! Our goal is to read a bit of everything in the romance bookish world and open our minds to new books we wouldn’t usually read. The Reading Romances Challenge 2013 will focus on Classic Romance plot lines  settings and themes this year! If you are an author and want to contribute with prizes, please email me.     To read more about this event and sign up, click here!