Jade Lee’s Quiz + #Giveaway
Giveaway , Guest Post / April 28, 2015

    USA Today bestselling author Jade Lee has been scripting love stories since she first picked up a set of paper dolls. Ball gowns and rakish lords caught her attention early (thank you, Georgette Heyer), and her fascination with the Regency began. An author of more than thirty romance novels and winner of dozens of industry awards, Lee lives in Champaign, Illinois. Today I’m happy to welcome Jade Lee to the blog! Jade’s latest title, 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake, is out May 5th and is the first in her funny new Rakes & Rogues series. To celebrate her new release, Jade is here to share a quiz about the book. See if you can guess correctly! Question: Most people don’t realize this, but I started out writing sweet regencies. Yup. No sex. But then I decided to try writing hot with Devil’s Bargain (the training of a courtesan) and never looked back. In fact, it’s still one of my best sellers and sexiest books. But 50 Ways to Ruin a Rake is no slouch in the hot department. So guess what moment is the sexiest for me. A. The first time they go all the way. Duh. That’s…

COURTLY LOVE QUIZ by Elizabeth Moss + #Giveaway
Giveaway , Guest Post / April 25, 2015

  Born into a literary family, Elizabeth Moss lives with her husband and five children in South-West England, and is a keen countryside walker. She writes fun and sexy historical romances. She also writes award-winning fiction as Victoria Lamb. COURTLY LOVE QUIZ by Elizabeth Moss Follow this quiz to discover what kind of courtly hero you might prefer to curl up with! Question #1- What word best describes you? A             Ambitious B             Romantic C             Feisty D             Secretive   Question #2 – Complete this sentence: My preferred courtly hero is most likely to… A             Set me up in a large palace with servants B             Serenade me with a lute C             Ride off with me on his horse D             Keep my head safe from the block Question #3 – I prefer my hero’s kisses to be: A             Forbidden B             Long and lingering C             Fierce D             Intriguing Question #4 – My hottest historical hero wears… A             A crown and ermine-trimmed robes B             Top designer doublet and hose C             Shining armor D             Black, for lurking in the shadows Question #5 – On his day off from courting me, my hero usually… A             Goes hunting B             Plays bowls C             Polishes his lance D             Reads Machiavelli Question #6…

Bad For Me Tour + #Giveaway
Giveaway , Guest Post / April 20, 2015

  An obsessive bookworm, CODI GARY likes to write sexy small-town contemporary romances with humor, grand gestures, and blush-worthy moments. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading her favorite authors, squealing over her must-watch shows, and playing with her children. She lives in Idaho with her family. 10 Things to Love About Rock Canyon   Even when you hate them, the town’s characters have so much life, you feel like they’re real. Buck’s Shot Bar is a place where everyone knows your name…and your business… There are so many places to explore…and sneak off to get your mack on with one of the town’s resident hotties. Speaking of hotties, whether you like your men with a halo or black, crooked wings, we got a guy for you. Our heroines are flawed, but fierce when fighting for the people they love. The small town gossip blogger, Miss Know It All, will root for you to find your true love (even as she exposes all your dirty deeds). The animal sidekicks are quirky and their antics hysterical. Proof that country must be country wide. The bad guys (and slightly obnoxious busy bodies) get theirs one way or another.  Happily Ever…

Lynda Simmons’ Flash Fiction + Giveaway
Giveaway , Guest Post / April 8, 2015

  Lynda Simmons is a writer by day, college instructor by night and a late sleeper on weekends. She grew up in Toronto reading Greek mythology, bringing home stray cats and making up stories about bodies in the basement. From an early age, her family knew she would either end up as a writer or the old lady with a hundred cats. As luck would have it, she married a man with allergies so writing it was. Good Works – A Serialized Novella By Lynda Simmons Chapter Three You don’t spend years working in conflict zones without learning one of life’s great lessons: never let the bad guy take you anywhere. So when he started dragging me toward the dumpster, I jerked back against him quick and hard. Throwing him off balance long enough to stomp on his foot while reaching behind me for a fistful of something. “Crazy bitch,” he muttered, his hold loosening when my fingers locked in his hair. “Thank you,” I said, throwing myself back again, toppling us both in a heap beside the dumpster. I rolled to the side, tried to get to my feet, to run away, but a hand shot out and grabbed my ankle….

Courage by Sally Orr + Giveaway
Giveaway , Guest Post / April 2, 2015

  Sally Orr worked for thirty years in medical research, specializing in the discovery of gene function. After joining an English history message board, she posted many, many examples of absolute tomfoolery. As a result, a cyber-friend challenged her to write a novel. Since she is a hopeless Anglophile, it’s not surprising that her first book is a Regency romance. Sally lives with her husband in San Diego, surrounded by too many nerdy books and not enough old English cars. 1. Courage The traits of a gentleman include: courage, intelligence, sportsmanship, service to the King or service to a lady. Some even believe the traits of a gentleman also include wit and compassion for the young, elderly, and animals. My name is Lord Boyce Parker. There can be no question that I possess the English trait of great courage. For example, to regain my father’s respect, I hired a balloon to win a three hundred mile race to Paris. A journey over half of England and the cold English Channel. I have courage enough to believe in the promise of balloon flight. To demonstrate my courage, let me recall a few words exchanged with a friend before I took off….