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(Blogging Outside the US) International Guide: Where to buy books?

October 12, 2012

Welcome to the first Blogging Outside the US Post! Today we’ll cover a topic suggested by Miki! You can help me with this new feature here!

Today I’ll approach one of the most difficult things for us who live outside the US, where to buy books? What’s the best service? I’ve created a simple comparative chart with some relevant information that we use to consider where to buy.

where to buy books int

I have used all the services above and I’ll tell you my experiences with each of the services mentioned above!

Amazon.comI love Amazon! It’s very reliable and I use it to buy not only books, but DVDs and other stuff too. The bad thing is that some kindle books are more expensive for us not in the US, and I have no idea why,so we have to pay attention to that!! Compare before buying! A few titles also aren’t available in some countries. The average delivery period here in Brazil is 3-4 weeks.

All Romance ebooks – I don’t use ARe much, but they have some good discounts now and then. It’s only for ebooks, and there’s a huge variety for romances. You can download several formats of ebooks.

Book Closeouts - That’s a fantastic service I found recently! You can get really cheap books, but they don’t have a lot of new romances. You can also buy autographed copies and find some romance classics for like 2.99! They only sell paper copies, including used ones, and the only delivery option in my country priority shipping, wich isn’t expensive. The average delivery period here in Brazil is 3 weeks. Plus, they might send you a coupon for your next purchase!!

Book Depository - Book depository is awesome, I love it. They have a lot of romances but you might not find a few sometimes. It has a small amount of ebooks, but their priority is towards paperbacks and hard copies. The books aren’t as cheap as other services, but shipping is free!! The average delivery period here in Brazil is 3 – 4 weeks.

Ebay- What’s cool about Ebay is that you can find signed books and packs of romances by authors. You have to research the person who’s selling the items before you buy, not all of them are reliable. Watch out for which users send the items internationally, some of them don’t.

Smashwords -  It’s really easy and simple to use! What I love the most about it is that you can find several self published and small authors there. You can choose the format you want to download too. Some authors use this service for giveaways, as they can create coupons for their books.

Now it’s your turn! What service you use the most and like best? How long does it take for the items you want to arrive? Share with us!

Feel free to ask any questions too!

Next Friday: All you need to know to create an international giveaway! How to run it? Reading Romances tells all! Happy reading!


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