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 Bookshelfing is a new feature anyone can participate, whether you’re a reader, blogger or author!

How? Show us your bookshelf, let us know a bit about the books you own, your experience with books and of course more about you! So start taking pics of your most precious books and the most important, your bookshelf! 

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Reader, blogger or author?

Discussion (4 Comments)

  1. Hi -new follower from Bookblogs. Bookshelfing sounds like a great feature. I’ve got more books than shelf space and so many are in piles in cupboards or wherever I can stack them. Haven’t had time to put them all onto my Goodreads list either -probably never will. Great site. Look forward to following.


    • by Nat

      Thanks Suzy! I thought it would be a fun feature =)

  2. by Mark

    Got lots of books. Now I just need to organize them into a bookshelf. Great idea, by the way.

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