Christmas SWAG SWAP

November 15, 2012

Swag Swap

 This event is open to all!

This event is a twist on the traditional Secret Santa we all know, it’s a cheap and fun way to celebrate the holidays! Specially for those who collect swag like I do! ; )

I wanted to create a fun and inexpensive event to spread holiday cheer amongst my readers! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you’re more than welcome to join.

Read the information bellow, fill out the form  and you will be given an address to send out SWAG to in exchange for the ones they send you.

By taking part of the SWAG SWAP you’ll meet new bloggers, authors, and readers around the  blogosphere!

You can participate as a sponsor only, where you’ll only send your swag! You can send it yourself or I can send it for you, be aware that I live in Brazil!). Email me at (at) gmail (dot) com for more information! Random participants will be chosen to receive extra swag! =)

a book blogger secret santa

Rules, Terms and Conditions:

– You do not have to be a book blogger to participate. Everyone’s welcome!

– International participants are welcome, but you can opt for a “santee” in the same country/continent as you.

-Sign-ups are open until November 30th.

-You can send any type of swag: bookmarks, character cards, cover flats, magnets, pens, key chains etc. as long as it is book, blogger, or Christmas related.  Please send at least two items. DO NOT include anything edible.

– Please grab the badge, place it in your sidebar, and link to this post to show people that your participating and help spread the word!

-Please only sign up if you are truly interested and are committed to sending off a gift.

– You will be matched with another participant and your match will be emailed to you on December 1st, 2012. Please do not reveal yourself until after December 25th.

-Gifts must be sent out before December 5th. Please don’t delay as the mail is always slow during the holiday season. Your package should contain: 2 Swag items of more + a card or note. Make sure to include a little card with your name and blog information!

After you send off your package, please email (at) gmail (dot) com letting me know you sent it and give me your tracking information. Email me again when you receive your package. If you have not received your package by December 27th please email me.

–  If for any reason you can not send out your gift, notify me.  I want to make sure that everyone who signs up receives a gift!


 Addresses that are submitted and exchanged during this event won’t be used for any other purposes, they will be deleted after this event is over and won’t be shared outside the participants.

 Click here to sign up!



 What happens after I sign up?

Wait until December 1st, that’s when you’ll receive your partner’s info. Then send it as soon as you can, please mail it before December 5th, that’s the “deadline” date.

Is the person I’m sending a book to the same person who’s sending a book to me?

Not necessarily – it’s more fun if everyone has the chance to connect with two different people. Just like in a Secret Santa swap, you’re not supposed to know the identity of your “santee” until you receive it, I will be the only person who knows who is matched up with whom.

How much am I expected to spend?

Since you already have the swag or it’s very cheap to handmade, what it will cost you is postage and trackable post (e.g. recorded delivery).  Whilst this costs more, it ensures that you have evidence that you’ve sent a gift and it can be tracked if anything goes wrong.

How will I know my “santee” will like my swag?

This information is in the sign up form that should make your task easier. I’m asking everyone what kind of swag they usually like so everyone will get something they’ll enjoy! When you receive the mailing address, I’ll also include that information.

Can I send my partner extra goodies?

Sure, why not? You can add a cards, gift tags, stickers etc.

What if I can’t afford to mail a package internationally?

The swap is open worldwide, but in the form I’m asking everyone whether or not they can mail internationally when they sign up. If you can’t, I’ll make sure you’re assigned someone from your own country.

When should I mail my gift?

December 5th. Since this is international, and it’s christmas season, it might delay, so please don’t miss this date!

What happens if my gift is lost in the mail?

All participants will be required to use tracking  and to send me the tracking number  as they send their packages.  With a large number of participants there’ll always be a few cases of missing packages.

Also, if you know of any other noteworthy customs regulations that your own country has, please send me your email.

What do I do once my gift arrives?

First of all, you acknowledge it and thank your Santa, of course. You don’t want to leave them wondering if the gift arrived or not. Then you might decide to write a post about your gift on Dec 25th! I’ll post a linky that day to everyone can add their posts so we can see what everyone got, isn’t it fun? You might also want to tweet about your gift our official hashtag is #SwagSwap, that way I can keep track of all the tweets!

Still got questions? Shoot me an email!


To help me spread the word during the sign-up period, If you tweet about this event, blog about it or grab the event button you’ll earn extra entries to a special giveaway for the SWAG SWAP participants only!. At the end of the sign-up period, I’ll randomly choose two participants and send a surprise swag pack! Open US & International.


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