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Christmas Week Giveaway Winners

December 31, 2012

a very romantic christmas week

Yep, here I was forgetting to announce the winners for A Very Romantic Christmas Week! Thanks to all the lovely authors who participated with a post and to the generous ones who also offered a giveaway for this event! I hope all of you have enjoyed this Reading Romances’ special and that is was fun to know new holiday traditions and recipes!

And bellow you can find the winners! If you’re one of them you should receive an email from me TODAY. Please check your SPAM folder too! If you don’t receive it by tomorrow, please email me!



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Gifting Books Giveaway Winners

gifting books giveaway hop

And here I am to announce the last winners of the year! A big thank you to everyone who made this hop a success, I deeply appreciate your support!!

To all the sponsors, this event wouldn’t have been possible without you! Thank you very much!

And bellow you can find the winners! If you’re one of them you should receive an email from me TODAY. Please check your SPAM folder too! If you don’t receive it by tomorrow, please email me!



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Sign Up: Reading Romances Challenge 2013

December 29, 2012

romance reading challenge 2013

This Reading Challenge is not about the amount of books you read, but the variety of titles you’ll have read when the challenge is over! Our goal is to read a bit of everything in the romance bookish world and open our minds to new books we wouldn’t usually read.

The Reading Romances Challenge 2013 will focus on Classic Romance plot lines  settings and themes this year!

If you are an author and want to contribute with prizes, please email me.



To read more about this event and sign up, click here!


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Sign UP: Happy Endings Giveaway Hop

December 28, 2012

happy endings giveaway hop


Tell your happy ending story!


♥ Share with us a happy ending story that has happened to you! You can giveaway a Happily Ever After romance book (by that I mean a story that ends with a happy ending). Ebooks, paperbacks, audiobooks  all formats are accepted!  You can also give away a gift card for the winner to buy a romance book for themselves, their friends, or any items that a romance junkie might like!

Authors and publishers, if you’d like me to host your giveaway here at Reading Romances for this event please send an email to: readingromances.contactATgmailDOTcom

Helpful links: How Giveaway Hops Work - How To Host An International Giveaway

Click here to read all the details and sign up!


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Swag Swap Reveal!

December 25, 2012

a book blogger secret santa

Secret Santa, it’s time to reveal yourself!

Did you thank your Santa yet? You don’t want to leave them wondering if the gift arrived or not!

Then you might decide to write a post about your gift TODAY! Everyone can add their posts so we can see what everyone got, isn’t it fun? You might also want to tweet about your gift our official hashtag is #SwagSwap, that way I can keep track of all the tweets!

If you have not received your package by December 27th please email me.

I have sent 2 prize packs including bookmarks and character trading cards including EXCLUSIVE Reading Romances swag to the giveaway winners! Besides, I also participated as a Secret Santa and Santee ; )

As a Secret Santa I have sent swag to Becky, Rachael, Marika, Karin, Kerry and Jeanne! I hope you get it soon!!

Since I’m outside the US, the only package I have received so far is from Amber @ AwesomeSauce Book Club! Pics will be posted soon! ; )

A big thanks to all the 20+ people who signed up and participated! I’m so excited it worked out and I hopefully plan on hosting this event again!

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