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Judging a Book by Its Cover by Lilia Birney + Review/Giveaway

April 30, 2012

Guest Post

Judging a Book by Its Cover by Lilia Birney

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be stopping by Nat’s blog on my tour for To Catch a Thief-Taker. She asked me to write a guest blog about anything romance-related. And you know what? I had such a hard time coming up with a topic until it hit me–covers. Specifically, romance book covers. Now that I have been self-pubbing, I am no longer bound by what my publisher wants my cover to look like. I can design my own, and it’s so much fun.


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“Paranormal Heroes: What is the Appeal?” + Giveaway with Karyn Gerrard!

April 28, 2012
Guest Post

PARANORMAL HEROES~ What is the Appeal? 

In reading and writing in the paranormal genre you realize everything has been done many times.  There is a general accepted mythology for Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, Angels, Zombies, Immortals, Gods, shape-shifters etc. It is what little twist in the mythology a writer gives her story that can make it fascinating.
But a big part of paranormals and their appeal is the hero.


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Chicks in Charge Excerpt +Giveaway

April 26, 2012

chicks in charge

Chicks In Charge

by WJ Craft


An Erotic Short Story Collection

Over 20,000 words of intriguing and playful delights where women come out on top in a variety of ways!

Chainsaw Chicks of Chinese Camp: Are the legends true? Are four amazons lying in wait in this tiny rural town for their perfect boy toys to come along and play with them?
Zap: While researching a possible preventative for epileptic seizures, a scientist stumbles onto a very interesting use for her new app.

Take Me To Your Leader: In this 1940s retro tale, a military translator gets up close and personal with some newly-landed alien emissaries. The Gnome World Order: Find out what really goes on underneath those seemingly innocent pointed red hats.

Little Shoppe of Enchantments: Augustus Pound takes a wrong turn with some rather questionable results. This version includes the longer alternate ending, not available anywhere else! Cowboy: They seemed like ordinary women in the greasy spoon in town, but they had plans for Jack Barnes and his equipment.

Rosa Erotica: Lyrical and touching. A 500-word ode to the spirit of the rose goddess and a warrior’s epiphany.




The Zap App

The next day, she made a few alterations to her application, reversed a few things, and then waited for Richard to make his morning appearance. She didn’t have long to wait.

“Good morning,” he said, right behind her ear.

“Good morning, Richard,” said Veronica, then she tapped the button.

Instantly the sound of coffee splashing all over the floor met her ears, and she turned to see her nemesis staggering backwards until he crashed into the cubicle wall, which threatened to topple into the next space over. His eyes were partly rolled up into his head and he was moaning and gasping, his twitching body slowly sinking horizontally onto a filing cabinet. With a grin that was triumphant, surprised and slightly sadistic, she tapped the button again to see what would happen when she turned the app off.

A noticeable wet stain at the front of a medium-sized pants tent caught her attention. Had the poor man wet himself?

“Ohgod,” was all he could manage for at least five minutes as he recovered. Veronica began to wonder if she should call a medic, and coworkers started to crowd in her doorway to see what the hell had happened.


Image Hosted by

INT – Ends May   

The author will be kindly giving away one digital copy of Chicks in Charge! Please leave her a comment – and you don’t need to add your email to the text =)

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Guest Post by Lila Munro

April 25, 2012

Guest Post

No Flat Stanley…

By Lila Munro

Good day all! I’m so happy to be here today and I want to thank Nat for hosting me on her wonderful site. I’ll be in and out sporadically, but I love to talk and am open to any questions anyone might have. Just leave them there in the comments and we can hash it out.

I blog a lot. Not just here and there, but I try very hard to maintain a couple of posts a week at my own site, which I’ll share a bit later. So, sometimes material gets a little bit on the lean side and I have to refresh my stash of great ideas. I’ve blogged about everything under the sun it seems, and sometimes I post some pretty controversial ideas and thoughts. I’m infamous for playing the Devil’s advocate and trying to present the other side of whatever the current coin of interest is. My ideas for posts come from everywhere and anywhere it would seem. For those of you that don’t know I’m married to a Marine, so there’s never lack of topic there since I write military romances as well. J Who doesn’t love a good alpha hero? Right? I’ve shared recipes and my personal struggles with my health and I don’t think I’ve ever missed a holiday. And I love a good blog hop, which Nat is so gracious to host frequently. But, in all that time…I never fathomed one day I might use Flat Stanley as inspiration for a post.

To be honest, I’m not even sure what made me think of old Flat Stanley. All I remember is I was tossing around ideas trying to decide what to talk about today. A personal experience, or something to do with marketing, or…writing tips of the trade.

Writing tips, heroes, characters…Oh! Character development…(Are you beginning to see how my mind works? A never ending live stream of…) Character development! How do we make them real…

It was somewhere around that point I thought…well, we sure don’t want them flat…J like our poor friend Stanley.

No wonder I can’t read half the Postits stuck on everything around here, if my thoughts are written as thought you can imagine they’re quite a mess. Anywho. How do we make our characters more real and allow our readers to become invested in them, even fall in love by book’s end?

I smile nearly every time I get a review be it from a reader or a professional reviewer from one of the many houses I offer my work to. Well, to be honest, I am happy with all my reviews. Each time I get one, good, bad, or ugly, I learn something new. However, the smiling comes in when I read these reviews and the same compliment keeps popping up repeatedly. It always goes something to the effect of, characters were well developed, I felt like I knew them as the story progressed and by the end felt like we were friends. That’s a bit of a paraphrase, but I get that a lot. So, I’ve deduced as far as character development goes, I’m doing something pleasing and right.

Learning to properly create and develop the people in my stories actually started with not writing romance, but taking a few classes to earn a certificate in children’s literature. I know right? How did I go from writing about little girls and boys and their fears of the dark to big girls and boys afraid of their emotions? Long story short, although I have the highest regard for children’s authors…I mean where would we be without the likes of Beverly Cleary or Beatrix Potter or Margaret Wise Brown…I found that it wasn’t my cup of tea. Although, I wasn’t half-bad at it and still have several things lying about the office fit for submitting, I choose not to. I like writing grown-ups. I’m not half-bad at that either, so I’ll let the experts do their thing and I’ll keep learning where I am and do mine. Anywho. Back to the subject at hand. It was while taking these classes that I learned the art of developing characters.

One of our assignments was to observe and describe a small child then use them in a brief scene to see if we’d captured their essence. There was the cutest little red-headed girl in my church. I knew her parents and explained to them what my assignment was before I started staring at the little thing so they wouldn’t think I had lost my mind. All they requested was to see the story once finished. They were quite pleased and said they’d have known it was her if they’d never known who I was writing about. My instructor was pleased as punch as well. She wanted a full-length story about my subject and she got it. 

So, the method…it’s fairly simple. It’s extreme people watching and note taking basically. You see, folks of the world, when you see Lila sitting about in a Starbucks or Barnes and Noble or the mall food court with her notepad and she just keeps staring at you…she’s not trying to get your number. She’s trying to get in your head. J Technically it’s called character sketching. You find a suitable candidate and take profuse notes about him/her. Hair color, height, skin tone, eyes…but it goes well-beyond physical characteristics. What is a prominent mannerism or two? Can you hear them? What is a catch phrase they seem to use a lot? Do they have an accent? Oh, and don’t forget to climb inside their head. I play a little game where I imagine I’m them. What am I doing here? Do I have a family at home? Oh, there’s my favorite book…The Art of…

See where I’ve gone? And he’s not flat at all, but a perfectly three-dimensional person. I’ve gone right inside their thinking mechanism and before I know it that has led me to an entire scene about this one person dressed in slouchy Levi’s, hole in the left knee, leather riding boots, tattoo on his right bicep that ripples when he picks up that book and peers over the edge of to see me…and their eyes met, a blaze sparking behind his icy blue pupils before a shutter fell, hiding the turmoil…

I have a new release coming out next week, May 3…

Assumed Master, sequel to Assumed Identity, Identity Series Book Four

We may be born to the lifestyle…

Julie Stevens and Dante Larson always knew their tastes were a bit more eccentric than those of the average person, but acknowledgement of their chosen paths came at different times. While their lives have run parallel for the last twenty years, destiny always came knocking at the wrong time. Julie was a closeted edge player and before Dante could pull her free of her fears, Mason came along and dragged her kicking and screaming from her self-inflicted darkness, leaving Dante wanting. Although Dante’s been in love with Julie since the day he first laid eyes on her, he’s happily married to Blake. But the tides are turning.

But Lady Fate dictates how it should be lived…

Still mourning the death of the only Master she’s ever known, Julie finds herself forced to live with the one man she’s been terrified of for years, Dante. While she has to admit something between them feels right, just as many things feel very, very wrong, starting with the fact he’s married to her gay best friend. Before she even has time to sort out her current predicament, another man catches Julie’s attention. But after losing her mother, her sister, and her husband, can Julie come to grips with the fact that Keegan McKettrick jumps out of perfectly good helicopters for a living, rescue diving for the Coast Guard? And where exactly does that leave Dante, who knows for sure he needs a woman to complete his unconventional marriage? Quite frankly, he’s tired of waiting.

ARe • Amazon

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