Sophie Barnes Guest Post + Review + Giveaway
4 stars , Giveaway , Guest Post , New , Rating , Reviews / January 30, 2012

The unfortunate persecution of the romance novel: When I received the offer from Harper Collins for two of my books, I was so thrilled I practically started doing cartwheels across the floor – the feeling of acknowledgement was incredible. My family and friends were still unaware that I was making a serious attempt to break through as an author – I’d been reluctant to say anything before receiving the positive reinforcement this contract provided. Now was the time to let the cat out of the bag. Filled with excitement, yet nervous about how this sudden news might be received, I started spreading the word. The responses were very positive – at least until I named the genre. Romance? A few eyes glazed over with disinterest and one friend plainly asked, choking back a bark of laughter, “how many times did you use the words throbbing manhood?”  I started feeling as though I had to defend myself and my writing – as if it fit into a slot that wasn’t going to be taken seriously by most.

Reading Romance's Challenge Giveaway #2
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This giveaway is exclusive for the ones participating in the Reading Romances Challenge! The last prize for this month is an ebook copy of SOUL SEDUCTION by Lori Toland! You can read my review with Lori and the blurb for Soul Seduction HERE! Open Internationally!

#SBBG7 Giveaway Winners!
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First I’d like to thank all our hosts and everyone who participated to make this event such a success. I hope you join us again next month! A special thanks to our featured authors for this edition too: RM Sotera Shannan Albright Natasha Blackthorne Lorhainne Eckhart Catherine Kean Patricia Preston Bella Street Brenda Woody All results powered by Book Giveaway: 6 Books: Entry #5349Georgia M. 5 Books Each: Entry #3320Jessie Entry #164Ashlyn W. Entry #5269Amy S. Entry #7092Nancy B. Entry #3578 Taryn Cellucci   Giftcards: US $20.00 to #168: Emma Kesner #143: Renee Bennett   US$10 to either Amazon, Barnes & Noble or ARe: #234: Catherine L. #458: Sherie Morford #199 Deanna   US$5.00 to #396: tammy ramey #401: June Manning #167: Georgia Gaudette (Elmo Rulez) #194: Theresa Janke #46 Colleen   Congratulations to all winners! You’ll be contacted via email this week and please reply within 48 hours! If you do not receive an email till tuesday, please email me. You can follow the next events on twitter or facebook! To sign up for the next edition click here!

#SBBG7 Featured Author: Lorhainne Eckhart
SBBG / January 28, 2012

Lorhainne Eckhart began her writing career in 2008, when she published her first novel, The Captain’s Lady, a Contemporary Military Romance through The Wild Rose Press. Lorhainne Eckhart is a member of the RWA, Sisters in Crime and Victoria RWA.  She makes her home on beautiful Vancouver Island, and lives in the country with her three children. The mother of a special needs child. And one her greatest gifts was having to learn, organization, structure, and how to stay focused on what’s really important in life. She lives by simple rules, the same she teaches her children. Stay honest, be impeccable with your word, never take advantage of anyone, and treat everyone with respect. She’s an advocate for children with special needs. Passionate about preserving our environment, wildlife, and protecting what natural resources we have left, so there will be a future for our children. Lorhainne is the Author of two contemporary romances, The Captain’s Lady and The Forgotten Child, a romantic suspense, The Choice, and a young adult holiday historical. Website | Twitter | Facebook